Smart switch, copy my data
Download the free app and sync your phone with a watch easily.

You can transfer all important data from one device to another withSmartSwitch app!

Check the Smart Switch app for quick transfer of personal data and settings between two gadgets! Our program is one of the best tools for transferring files between devices.

πŸ“± File transfer may be necessary when exchanging data between an old and a new mobile device. If you bought a new phone and don’t want to lose all your files you definitely need to try our SmartSwitch app!

Two gadgets take part in the work process of the Smart Switch application at the same time: the device which sends data the device which receives data

Which of your data can be easily transferred? Most important:
πŸ“ž Phone contacts
🎡 Music
πŸ“Έ Foto
πŸŽ₯ Video

Many little things in your device that make our lives comfortable will not be lost if you use the Smart Switch application.

We transmit data via WIFI or HOT SPOT - this term means that one device will become a WIFI hotspot. The process of transferring data through the Smart Switch application will be explained in a short instruction:

Place the first (sender device) and new (receiver device - recipient) close to each other. Turn on WIFI on both devices. Devices must be connected to the same WIFI (or one device must share the internet with another). Using the application, you pair two devices with each other The sender sees the recipient in the list of found devices and asks for permission to pair. The recipient confirms the pairing of devices. You choose the data you want to transfer. Send data from device to device!

❀ All choosen content will be available on the new device.

The time to transfer information depends on the device, the transfer mode and the amount of data. Transferring light and small files will take you a few seconds. When a large amount of information is transferred, more time will be required. ❗ The advantages of our application are obvious:
1. The application supports direct data transfer from phone to phone.
2. It is very simple to select the type of data you want to move
3. The application is compatible with various phone models
4. Data quality remains unchanged
5. Our app is easy to use, has an intuitive interface, does not require any technical knowledge.

❗ The Smart Switch app works with almost all models Android phones. ➑ We are constantly working to improve our app. Stay tuned!